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Album Review: Lil Uzi's The Pink Tape

Lil Uzi Vert is one of rap's biggest artists, securing rap's first #1 album of 2023. Pink Tape is the return everyone was waiting for after 2020's Eternal Atake, and it's deluxe. Lil Uzi has etched themself as one of the pioneers of this new generation of music and is always experimenting with his music, which is most evident in Pink Tape.

Lil Uzi Vert in Pink Tape Trailer
from Pink Tape Trailer

Uzi starts off Pink Tape with a hard-hitting banger that reminds us of the Uzi we all know and love. The first six tracks are the dullest on the entire tracklist for me. "Aye (feat. Travis Scott)" has both uninspiring performances from Uzi and Travis. While there are some great songs on the first stretch, such as "Flooded the Face," "Died and Came Back," and "Amped," I believe we have seen Uzi better than what we saw in the first stretch of the album. It seems like they also believed we had seen better from them and then showed it.

From tracks 10–26, it is hit after hit. Starting with "I Gotta," a song where Uzi is just flowing on a great beat. "Endless Fashion" is a collaboration between Uzi and Nicki Minaj, and I believe it is the best song this duo has made, and their chemistry is amazing on the track. "Mama, I'm Sorry" is a very melodic hit that reminded me of The Perfect LUV Tape. "All Alone" is probably my favorite track on the entire album. This song reminded me of the Uzi that made me a fan all the way back in 2016 which was when I first heard them. "Nakamura" is a hard-hitting song that also has a great beat behind it and samples Shinsuke Nakamura's theme. Everyone knows "Just Wanna Rock." It's a great song, and once you hear it, you can't help but dance. Tracks 10–15 are my favorite stretch of songs on this album and propel this album really high in my review.

"Fire Alarm," "CS," "Werewolf," and "The End," where they channel the experimental rockstar side of their music. I will say that as someone who doesn't like the type of music that they were experimenting with in these songs, I liked them. I think they put their own twist on them, and I believe they added something to the album. The bonus tracks are also great, especially "Zoom" and "Shardai," two of my favorites on the album. I think Uzi ended the album well, even with the hefty tracklist. Songs like "Patience" and "Days Come and Go" helped Uzi stick the landing on this highly anticipated album.

All in all, while Uzi has dropped better projects in the past, this is still a good album. Uzi has teased that this is not even the album that he wanted to give the fans and has announced Luv is Rage 3. I'll be waiting to see what Uzi drops next. Stream Pink Tape below.

BEST SONGS: Flooded the Face, Amped, Died and Came Back, I Gotta, Endless Fashion, Mama, I'm Sorry, All Alone, Nakamura, Just Wanna Rock, CS, Patience, Days Come and Go, Zoom, Shardai

Worst Song: Aye (feat. Travis Scott)



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