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Drake Could've Done Better

Drake is back with his new single 'Search and Rescue', his first release of 2023, after a wildly successful 2022, with two albums, 'Honestly, Nevermind', a turn for Drake, a full dance-hall album, and then a collab album with 21 Savage, 'Her Loss'. His newest single misses the mark for me, and it feels like a very lazy attempt for a song and a very lazy attempt to stir up a beef that is now 5 years old at this point.


'Search & Rescue' uses snippets and ad-libs of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's ex-wife, a rapper that Drake has a long history with, whether it is admiration or hatred. We thought that this beef was over when Drake and Kanye came together for the iconic 'Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert', somewhat set up by J Prince. That was confirmed by Drake on 'Circo Loco' with the bar "Linking with the opps, bitch, I did that shit for J Prince". However, this beef was past news with everyone patching up and going their separate ways, until that bar and this song.

Drake and Kanye West at the Larry Hoover Benefit Concert.
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This song brings up old news and it falls flat on that end. In my opinion, the song lacks in many elements. The beat is very lackluster, the flow is lackluster, and it's just a catchy song. The hook can very easily get stuck in your head, but that's all it is, a radio hit, and that is not what artists should be striving for. Like I said in the title, Drake could've done better with this song.

via RapUp

Drake is one of my favorite artists of all time, he may even be my number 1. This song is a rare miss for me. It is not a song I see myself going back to all that often, especially with how lackluster it is and the backstory behind it. I believe this song was not needed, and if this is a new rollout for a new 'Scary Hours EP', he needs to go back to the drawing board and evaluate if this song is good enough to be a lead single for any type of project.

Review: 2.5/5

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