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Drake Drops Best Work in Years with "For All The Dogs"

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Today I'm talking about one of the most anticipated albums of the year, which would be Drake's For All The Dogs. I am going in-depth on this album and giving my thoughts and opinions. Let's get it started.

"Virginia Beach"

This is one of Drake's best intros of his career. Great singing and the instrumental and sample throughout the track really top it off. Then the switch-up at the end to an aggressive, rapping Drake. This song is the best of both worlds and it sets the album off right.

"Amen (feat. Teezo Touchdown)"

I wasn't surprised to see Teezo on this album after Drake praised Teezo's impressive debut album. I say Teezo builds off and sounds amazing on this track. Drake comes in and keeps the same tone from the last song. Great song. 2/2 so far.

"Calling For You (feat. 21 Savage)"

This song is just okay. Drake sounds bored on this song. The random woman talking in the middle of the song. 21 Savage has the same type of feature he always does. This is all a recipe for an average song. It could've been cut and the album wouldn't lose anything.

"Fear of Heights"

This song starts off slow with Drake talking about an ex and how he moved on and that her new man isn't better than him. Then switches up to a hard-hitting full-on rap song. Like I said about the first song, it's the best of both worlds.


"Fear of Heights" just bleeds into "Daylight", which is fine by me. This song has Drake flowing like he has something to prove and the instrumental is amazing. The Adonis feature at the end was funny as well.

"First Person Shooter (feat. J. Cole)"

This is what we need. Two of the game's greatest just rapping their ass off. Drake for the third song rapping like he had something to prove and Cole just added another great feature to his immaculate feature record. We need more collabs from these two before they hang it up.

"IDGAF (feat. Yeat)"

The intro is way too long and it doesn't fit the song at all. This song has Yeat written all over it, especially with the production but I like it. Seeing Drake venture out to new production is always a nice sight to see. Drake again flows like he has something to prove. This 4-track run is amazing, especially if you like the rapping Drake.

"7969 Santa"

Another lull in the tracklist. The instrumental is just okay and Drake's rapping is just too slow and low-energy for my liking on this track. Teezo's feature is beautiful though. He's next up.

"Slime You Out (feat. SZA)"

This was the lead single for this album, which was a little weird because it's not a traditional hit. It is a good song though. Drake puts a good performance on the first half track and then we get an absolutely amazing SZA feature. Drake comes back for a classic outro, it's one of his best of that nature. I feel like a better single could've been picked for this album but good song nonetheless.

"Bahamas Promises"

Meh. Sleepy production. Flow is too slow and there are better slow tracks on this album. It's one of my least favorite tracks on the entire album.

"Tried Our Best"

I had heard this song before the album because it leaked. Hearing it when it's fully finished doesn't change my opinion. It's a great song. Kind of reminds me of something that would be on Take Care but more modern. One of the best tracks on the album.

Will not be talking about Screw The World - Interlude

"Drew A Picasso"

It's okay. The first part is too slow for my liking and the instrumental doesn't do enough to pull you in. The second part of the song is better but we have seen this twice before on this tracklist, and both of those times were better.

"Members Only (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)"

This definitely sounds like Old Drake, especially with the PND feature. Drake's singing sounds good and has high energy on this song. PND does great on this song as well. Drake and PND never miss, and this song is an example of that.

"What Would Pluto Do"

This is a banger, a hit. The hook is great and Drake sounds aggressive. Production is great, you can tell Yachty had a huge influence on this album. One of my favorites.

"All The Parties (feat. Chief Keef)"

This is one of the most unexpected features on the entire album but it's great. Drake floats on this beat. Chief Keef should've been on the song more but that's my only gripe.

"8am in Charlotte"

Great song. A timestamp track never misses. Drake just showing everyone that he can rap still if anyone doubts that he can't. One of the best songs on the album. Everyone should listen to that. Some of the best rapping we've heard from Drake in a while.

"BBL Love - Interlude"

I actually like it. One of Drake's more goofy songs that he's ever dropped, I didn't hate it though. The vocals sound good. Will definitely be a guilty pleasure song for me.

"Gently (feat. Bad Bunny)"

Drake is okay on this song, I don't like when Drake gets in this part of his musical bag. It just doesn't hit for me. Bad Bunny is absolutely amazing on this song though. One of the best features of the entire album. This should be a song on his album. Good song, though.

"Rich Baby Daddy (feat. Sexyy Red & SZA)"

Why? This song would've been better with any other woman rapper. Sexyy Red's voice is too grating for me and I can't get behind the lyrics, I've heard worse from her though. Drake and SZA are great on the song though. The switch-up doesn't really make much sense, should've been on its own song or on another song. An average song that could've been great.

"Another Late Night (feat. Lil Yachty)"

This song could've been way better, in my opinion. Yachty doesn't sound great and Drake has been better as well. I would've liked to see Drake tap into more of a Let's Start Here vibe for this track. It's okay but I had higher expectations for it.

"Away From Home"

Classic Drake. Just rapping for 4 minutes venting. There are some shots on this song that I wasn't expecting. I love this type of Drake and I believe this should've been closer to the album. Great song.

"Polar Opposites"

It's a good song, but it's a weird closer to the album in my opinion. There are better songs on this album that do what he was trying to do on this song. All in all, it's a good song but doesn't end the album well.

As the headline says, this is Drake's best work in years, in my opinion. Seeing Drake sound hungry and trying new production was a welcome sight. I expect this album to grow on me and more people who don't like it right now. I would have to look through my list but this is definitely an Album of the Year candidate for me, and it's probably #1.


Favorite Tracks: "What Would Pluto Do", "First Person Shooter (feat. J Cole)", "All The Parties (feat, Chief Keef)", "8am in Charlotte", "Fear of Heights", "Daylight", "Virginia Beach", "Amen", "Tried Our Best", "Members Only (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)", "Away From Home"

Worst Track: Calling For You (feat. 21 Savage)


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