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Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar Scorecard

NOTE: any allegation made by both will be seen as a lie by me until proof is shown

This will be formatted as a boxing match. (10-9 scores)

The biggest rap beef ever has happened and has probably concluded, according to Kendrick’s team. Drake dropped four tracks + "First Person Shooter". Kendrick also has four tracks + "Like That". This is my opinion as a fan of both of them. Let’s dive right in.

ROUND 1 - Like That vs. First Person Shooter

Drake and J. Cole on "First Person Shooter"
via Drake on Youtube

I don’t think either of these songs were supposed to be diss songs. In this case, I will go based on what I believe is the better song. Both "First Person Shooter" and "Like That" are infectious songs that hit the top of the charts. First Person Shooter was one of my favorite songs from last year and while Like That is a good song, I’m giving this round to Drake.

Score - Drake 10, Kendrick 9

ROUND 2 - Push Ups vs Euphoria

Now we get into the real disses from both of these guys. Kendrick is focused solely on Drake while Drake is focused on the slew of people who went after him. I’m a fan of both these songs, both will be in my rotation for a long time. Kendrick has more energy and is rapping on this song like his career depended on it. Kendrick got this round slightly.

Score - Kendrick 10, Drake 9

ROUND 3 - 6:16 IN LA vs. Taylor-Made Freestyle

6:16 IN LA cover
via Kendrick Lamar / Instagram

This is the round where people feel like it’s a landslide. While I believe Kendrick has the better song, and I see what angle he was taking here. The move of Drake to impersonate two of Kendrick’s biggest idols (Snoop and Pac) was smart. Whether it was a smart move to beg Kendrick to drop is another conversation but it’s been good music so I'm not complaining. Kendrick pulling the back-to-back move on Drake was also a nice touch in this round. Kendrick got this one.

Score - Kendrick 10, Drake 9

ROUND 4 - Family Matters vs meet the grahams

This is the most explosive round of this entire beef. The one where most of the allegations came from both artists. Still, like I said at the start of this breakdown, neither side has shown proof. I'm going based on the records, and the disses that didn't have allegations in them. That said, "Family Matters" is a better and more listenable track for me. If proof ever comes out, it could change for me either way. The move on Kendrick to drop immediately after is a stellar chess move though and it’s still a great song too. "Family Matters" will be in my rotation for a while. It's that good of a song. Drake wins this round.

Score - Drake 10, Kendrick 9

ROUND 5 - Not Like Us vs The Heart Part 6

"Not Like Us" is a hit that will run the summer. No denying that. It’s a better song than "The Heart Part 6". I’m not debating that. I’m giving this round to Kendrick for sure. The Heart Part 6 is a good track thought and what people were asking from Drake. They wanted him to just rap and not try to make a hit. Drake said he set up a mole, that he’s not what Kendrick accused him of, and that Kendrick or anyone close to him hasn’t denied any allegation towards him. Them ending it there basically means we won’t get proof from either side and as I said at the start, they both lying until something comes out. The music was good though. "Not Like Us" going to be in rotation for a while as well. A top three track to come out of this whole beef.

Score - Kendrick 10, Drake 9

FINAL SCORE - Kendrick 48, Drake 47

Kendrick Lamar and Drake
via Instagram

This battle shows me that the top two of this generation are undebatable. It's Kendrick and Drake (sorry Cole). This is the greatest rap beef ever, some would say. This will never happen again, in my opinion. Kendrick won slightly for me, but in all honestly, it's been great for rap and it's been great music.

RANKING EVERY SONG IN THIS BATTLE (Drake/Kendrick songs only):

10. "Taylor Made Freestyle"

9. "6:16 in LA"

8. "The Heart Part 6"

7. "Like That"

6. "First Person Shooter"

5. "Push Ups"

4. "meet the grahams"

3. "euphoria"

2. "Not Like Us"

1. "Family Matters"


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