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Jack Harlow Impresses with New Album

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Jack Harlow is one of music's rising stars with his name being all over the charts as he has made plenty of hits lately. It felt like his star was growing too fast. We then got Come Home the Kids Miss You. The album was a big step down for Harlow that was catered to making hits and making money for his label. His new album Jackman is a step in the right direction.

via Urban Wyatt

Harlow's star shined early on in his career when he put out the single "What's Poppin", a hit that peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200. He put it on his Sweet Action mixtape, a mixtape that showed Harlow was ready for the spotlight and showed that he would be a star soon. He then cashed in on that and became an XXL freshman and dropped his first studio album That's What They All Say. His first studio album impressed me as Jack showed great flows, melodies, beats, and the features he picked out. This album had a lot of people, including me waiting for what was next in Jack's career.

What was next was a feature on a song with Lil Nas X called "Industry Baby", a song that peaked at #1, Jack's first. Then there was the promo for his new album with two singles "Nail Tech", a hard-hitting song where Jack shows where he is at his best. The other single was "First Class", a song that used a sample of Fergie's "Glamorous". In my opinion, the sample wasn't used that great, and that is how I feel about the song in general. In May of 2022, Harlow dropped Come Home the Kids Miss You, an album that had immense hype especially as Harlow had two #1 hits before. He turned in a very lackluster album that didn't show Jack at his best. It had 4 features, all being legends in their own respect (Pharell, Drake, Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake). Only one of these features really pans out, that being Drake, who brings one of the best moments of the entire album, when he completely outshines Jack on "Churchill Downs". A feature being one of the best moments on your album doesn't really bode well for making a good album.

After the panning by most for Come Home The Kids Miss You, Jack dropped a surprise album last night called Jackman. This album goes back to what he does best, as it is packed with great flows and lyrics. It is also really in-depth as we hear Jack talk about topics that we haven't heard him talk about. Songs like "Gang Gang Gang", where he talks about him finding out old friends doing heinous things and him being shocked to hear it. "Blame On Me", where he has 3 POVs of a little brother, an older brother, and the father. It is a song that really shows how parents treat us and how it can trickle down to how we treat our siblings. I love this new album and every song is Jack at his best in some way. Jackman is Jack's best work to date and I believe it will be hard to top.

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