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NBA Season Outlook

The NBA season starts next week and it is shaping up to be a season to remember. I want to give you guys my outlook and how I believe the season will go so let's dive right in.

Western Conference:

  1. Denver Nuggets

  2. Phoenix Suns

  3. Los Angeles Lakers

  4. Golden State Warriors

  5. Los Angeles Clippers

  6. Minnesota Timberwolves

  7. Memphis Grizzlies

  8. Sacramento Kings

  9. New Orleans Pelicans

  10. Dallas Mavericks

  11. Oklahoma City Thunder

  12. Houston Rockets

  13. Utah Jazz

  14. San Antonio Spurs

  15. Portland Trail Blazers

Nikola Jokić on Media Day
via AP Photo / David Zalubowski

I have 9 of the same teams that made the playoffs/play-in last year and the Mavericks just barely squeezing in because Luka is just that good. I believe the West is as stacked as it has ever been. I could see this Western Conference being even closer in records than it was last year.

Eastern Conference:

  1. Milwaukee Bucks

  2. Boston Celtics

  3. Philadelphia 76ers

  4. Miami Heat

  5. Cleveland Cavaliers

  6. New York Knicks

  7. Atlanta Hawks

  8. Brooklyn Nets

  9. Indiana Pacers

  10. Orlando Magic

  11. Chicago Bulls

  12. Toronto Raptors

  13. Washington Wizards

  14. Detroit Pistons

  15. Charlotte Hornets

Giannis and Damian Lillard on Media Day
via Benny Sieu / USA TODAY Sports

The usual teams at the top are perennial Finals contenders in the East, and we should expect to see that again this year. I feel like there was way more reshuffling with the rosters in the East than in the West. The East is now almost as stacked as the West but it should be a great year in the East as well, with some new teams making the play-in.

NBA Playoffs:

Western Conference:


#7 Grizzlies win 7th seed

#8 Kings win 8th seed

First Round:

#1 Nuggets beat #8 Kings

#2 Suns beat #7 Grizzlies

#3 Lakers beat #6 Timberwolves

#5 Clippers beat #4 Warriors

Second Round:

#1 Nuggets beat #5 Clippers

#3 Lakers beat #2 Suns

WCF: #3 Lakers beat #1 Nuggets

AD and LeBron at Media Day
via NBA

These playoffs would be elite. So many great matchups and some rematches from years prior. You would get Kawhi-Steph, KD-Bron, and LA-Denver. I see the Lakers being the team to come out of the West because I believe they have the best roster in the league. All these series should be close but with everyone healthy, I got the Lakers.

Eastern Conference:


#8 Nets win 7th seed

#10 Magic win 8th seed

First Round: #1 Bucks beat #8 Magic

#2 Celtics beat #7 Nets

#3 76ers beat #6 Knicks

#5 Cavaliers beat #4 Heat

Second Round: #1 Bucks beat #5 Cavaliers

#2 Celtics beat #3 76ers


#1 Bucks beat #2 Celtics

Jimmy Butler at Media Day
via David Santiago / Miami Herald

The Dame trade seems to have paid off. After the shocking first-round exit they had earlier this year, they needed to make a move. They ended up getting one of the best PGs in the league and I have it paying off as I see them making the Finals. The Heat losses and the Celtics' depth hit are why I have them not getting back to the Finals. Give me a Lakers-Bucks Finals.

NBA Finals:

Lakers over Bucks

I got LeBron getting his fifth in what could be his final year in LA. The Bucks got Dame, but I believe the Lakers have the better roster. AD vs Giannis will be an all-time matchup. This would be a great series, and I could see it going 7 games.

MVP: Jayson Tatum

ROY: Scott Henderson

DPOY: Anthony Davis

MIP: Rui Hachimura

6MOY: Chris Paul

COY: Adrian Griffin

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