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NFL Championship Round Picks

Four NFL teams are left standing. Two of them will win for a shot to win a Super Bowl. I will give you my analysis and my prediction for who I believe will win these games. Let's dive right in!

Divisional Round Record: 3-1

Overall Playoff Record: 6-4

Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens (-3.5), 3 PM, CBS

Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson
via Mark Goldman / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The team that has been the best this year versus the team that has been the best for the last five years. We get Patrick Mahomes versus the unbelievable Ravens' defense. We get Lamar Jackson in his first AFC Championship game. The Ravens have been such a buzzsaw this year (just ask the 49ers, Dolphins, and the Lions). The Chiefs offense has looked weak, something we haven't seen in the Patrick Mahomes era. With all this being said, I would take Patrick Mahomes to win a game of this magnitude over any other quarterback in the league. I see this game playing out as a close game throughout as the Chiefs' defense keeps Lamar in check while Mahomes plays better than we think he will against the Ravens' defense. I have the Chiefs winning a close one in Baltimore and making their fourth Super Bowl in five years.

Prediction: Chiefs 28, Ravens 24

Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers (-7.5), 6:30 PM, FOX

Lions celebrating in their NFC Divisional Round game
via AP Photo / Rick Osentoski

These two teams couldn't be any different, history-wise that is. The 49ers have won five Super Bowls, the Lions have 0. The 49ers have been in four out of the last five NFC Championship Games, this is the Lions' first NFC Championship Game since 1991. The Lions have gone 0-16 this century. None of those numbers matter coming Sunday night though, all that matters is who will be the best team on that field for those three and half hours. I have been impressed with Jared Goff and the Lions' offense for this whole playoff run and the defense has been a strong point all season. They are playing an absolute super-team on both sides of the ball. Even if Deebo Samuel is out, Brock Purdy has three All-Pro caliber players at every facet on offense, and that is not even counting the All-Pros on defense. With all that talent, the 49ers came out sloppy and rusty against a young and upstart Packers team, they won but barely. Some questionable calls and questionable throws from Jordan Love made that possible. With these two teams that couldn't be any different, I see the Lions as a team of destiny and this will be the year they make it to a Super Bowl. I am picking the Lions in a close one, as I believe the Lions' defense will rattle Brock Purdy and the Lions' offense will get enough done to get Detroit to their first Super Bowl.

Prediction: Lions 24, 49ers 21

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