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NFL Season Outlook

The NFL season starts tonight in Kansas City when the Lions take on the Chiefs. I thought this would be a good time to predict the NFL season, and that means records, awards, and playoffs.

AFC South:

  1. Jaguars: 14-3

  2. Texans: 6-11

  3. Colts: 5-12

  4. Titans: 4-13

The AFC South is the most mediocre division there is but they finally have a contender in the division with the Jaguars, my overall #1 seed this year. Trevor Lawrence and Doug Pederson will lead the Jaguars to a great season.

Trevor Lawrence and Doug Pederson
via Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP

AFC West:

  1. Chiefs: 13-4

  2. Chargers: 11-6

  3. Broncos: 6-11

  4. Raiders: 3-14

The class of the AFC West continues to be Kansas City with the Chargers following closely behind. The Broncos and Raiders both have mediocre seasons with McDaniels getting the boot at the end of the season.

AFC North:

  1. Bengals: 13-4

  2. Browns: 11-6

  3. Ravens: 10-7

  4. Steelers: 9-8

AFC North is the best division in the NFL, in my opinion. I believe all these teams will have a winning record, but not everyone will be able to make the playoffs. Great division and all thee teams can take the crown.

Joe Burrow at Super Bowl 56
via Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

AFC East:

  1. Bills: 12-5

  2. Jets: 11-6

  3. Patriots: 8-9

  4. Dolphins: 8-9

This division is pretty under the radar, with all four of these teams being pretty good. I like the Bills to take the crown, even with Aaron Rodgers joining the division.

NFC East:

  1. Eagles: 13-4

  2. Cowboys: 12-5

  3. Giants: 10-7

  4. Commanders: 6-11

This division has my two championship weekend picks. The Giants also have a good chance of making the playoffs. The NFC East is definitely the best division in the NFC.

Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts embrace each other in mid-field
via Getty Images

NFC West:

  1. 49ers: 12-5

  2. Seahawks: 10-7

  3. Rams: 4-13

  4. Cardinals: 2-15

The 49ers don't have the great year they are accustomed to with some struggles at QB this year. The Seahawks also make the playoffs for the 2nd straight year, a surprising turn after the Russell Wilson trade.

NFC North:

  1. Lions: 12-5

  2. Vikings: 7-10

  3. Bears: 7-10

  4. Packers: 7-10

Detroit is ready to take the NFC North crown. I think the Lions will have a great year while the rest of the division is pretty mediocre.

NFC South:

  1. Saints: 10-7

  2. Falcons: 7-10

  3. Panthers: 6-11

  4. Buccaneers: 3-14

This is the worst division in the NFL. All teams are pretty mediocre but I like the Saints the most out of them all.


Wildcard Round:

#4 Buffalo Bills beat #5 New York Jets

#3 Cincinnati Bengals beat #6 Los Angeles Chargers

#2 Kansas City Chiefs beat #7 Cleveland Browns

#5 Dallas Cowboys beat #4 New Orleans Saints #6 New York Giants beat #3 Detroit Lions

#2 San Francisco 49ers beat #7 Seattle Seahawks

The regular AFC contenders make the playoffs and advance, having us get the same final four we had last year (Bengals, Jaguars, Chiefs, Bills). The Cowboys and 49ers advance again to the second weekend of the playoffs while the Lions' dream season ends at the hands of the Giants.

Divisional Round:

#3 Cincinnati Bengals beat #2 Kansas City Chiefs #1 Jacksonville Jaguars beat #4 Buffalo Bills

#5 Dallas Cowboys beat #2 San Francisco 49ers

#1 Philadelphia Eagles beat #6 New York Giants

The Bengals-Chiefs rivalry gets another installment, with me picking the Bengals to get another win in the saga. The Cowboys get their revenge on the 49ers from last year while the Eagles hand the Giants the same result they had last year.

Conference Championship Weekend:

#3 Cincinnati Bengals beat #1 Jacksonville Jaguars

#1 Philadelphia Eagles beat #5 Dallas Cowboys

Two young star AFC QBs and two division rivals seem to be a great championship weekend. I have the last two Super Bowl runner-ups to advance and set up one of the best Super Bowl matchups we have seen in recent memory.

Super Bowl:

#1 Philadelphia Eagles beat #3 Cincinnati Bengals

I believe the Eagles have the best roster in the NFL. They almost beat the Chiefs last Super Bowl. Their defense collapsed in the biggest game but Hurts had one of the best games for a QB in the Super Bowl. I believe the Eagles get the revenge and win the Lombardi, a year after losing it.


MVP: Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars

COY: Doug Pederson, Jacksonville Jaguars

CPOY: Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills OPOY: Ja'Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals DPOY: Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys

OROY: Bijan Robinson, Atlanta Falcons

DROY: Will Anderson, Houston Texans

Ja'Marr Chase in Super Bowl 56.

I'm all in on the Jaguars, as I have them having the best record in the NFL, while also having the MVP and Coach of the Year. Damar Hamlin will be the CPOY the minute he steps on the field after his cardiac arrest in Week 17. Ja'Marr Chase becomes the second LSU wide receiver in the last two years to win OPOY. Micah Parsons gets his DPOY after being the runner-up. Bijan and Will Anderson have great rookie seasons, as they making their teams better by a couple of wins.

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