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NFL Week 4 Picks

With Week 4 starting tonight, I'm here to give yall my picks for Week 4.

Week 3 Picks: 12-4

Overall Record: 32-16

TNF: Lions at Packers

Two 2-1 NFC North teams clash in this opener game for Week 4. I think both these teams are good but I have more faith in the Lions offense. Give me them.

Score Prediction: Lions 27, Packers 20

Sunday Slate:

Falcons at Jaguars, 9:30 AM

The Falcons were proved to be a little fraudulent in their Week 3 loss against the Lions. I believe the Jaguars will bounce back in London.

Score Prediction: Jaguars 27, Falcons 17

1 PM Games:

Dolphins at Bills

Josh Allen and Tua embrace after game
via Yahoo

Two heavyweight teams in the AFC East battle it out. The Dolphins just put 70 and the Bills put up 37 while only giving up 3. Call me crazy, but I have the Dolphins staying undefeated.

Score Prediction: Dolphins 37, Bills 34

Broncos at Bears

Two of the worst teams in the NFL square off, one just gave up 70 and one can't do anything right. I like the Broncos to win, just because the Bears are terrible.

Score Prediction: Broncos 20, Bears 14

Ravens at Browns

Another set of 2-1 teams that have had some offensive struggles, but I have more confidence in the Ravens than I do in the Browns.

Score Prediction: Ravens 24, Browns 21

Steelers at Texans

The Texans had an impressive win but I don't expect the offense to hum like it did last week against the Steelers.

Score Prediction: Steelers 21, Texans 10

Vikings at Panthers

Two 0-3 teams facing off against each other in this matchup. Bryce Young is injured and still is having growing pains. Give me Kirk and the Vikings.

Score Prediction: Vikings 24, Panthers 14

Rams at Colts

Both the Rams and the Colts have had their struggles but this could be a sneaky good matchup. I like the Colts a little more with the Rams offense looking a bit abysmal.

Score Prediction: Colts 21, Rams 17

Buccaneers at Saints

Both these NFC South teams are 2-1 but very average. I'm assuming Derek Carr will be out after his injury so give me the Buccaneers in a close one.

Score Prediction: Buccaneers 17, Saints 14

Commanders at Eagles

The Commanders lost their first game and got exposed by the Bills. I expect that to continue against the undefeated Eagles.

Score Prediction: Eagles 31, Commanders 14

Bengals at Titans

The Titans got steamrolled while the Bengals really looked to find their stride in the 2nd half on Monday. I have the Bengals continuing their hot streak and winning this game.

Score Prediction: Bengals 27, Titans 17

Raiders at Chargers

The Raiders have been pretty abysmal this season while the Chargers have mostly just been unfortunate. I believe luck will be in favor of the Chargers this weekend.

Score Prediction: Chargers 28, Raiders 17

Patriots at Cowboys

I was very surprised to see the Cowboys lose to the Cardinals. The Patriots and their offense have been bad even in their win. The Cowboys will bounce back this Sunday.

Score Prediction: Cowboys 24, Patriots 17

Cardinals at 49ers

The Cardinals had a great win against the Cowboys but I think they will see that the 49ers are just different. I believe the 49ers will win and win big.

Score Prediction: 49ers 34, Cardinals 14

Chiefs at Jets

The Jets have no confidence in their QB or their team. The Chiefs are only getting better. They will win this pretty easily.

Score Prediction: Chiefs 31, Jets 14

Seahawks at Giants

The Seahawks have been an under-the-radar team this season and the Giants have been disappointing. I think those trends continue and the Seahawks will win.

Score Prediction: Seahawks 24, Giants 17

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