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Quarter 1 Reviews: Ariana Grande, Future & Metro Boomin, Tyla, Olivia Rodrigo

I have slacked on posting my thoughts here in the past two months. The music industry hasn't with many top-tier acts dropping new albums, especially some in the recently ended first quarter of the year. Today, I will review some of the albums I listened to then. Better late than never.

Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine

eternal sunshine Cover
via Republic Records

In a much-anticipated return to music after a four-year break in between albums. As one of the biggest pop stars of this generation, this release had a lot of hype and talk around it. Especially after making the fans wait so long while filming a movie and being right in the middle of a divorce and subsequent controversy involving her current boyfriend and his ex-wife. All in all, though, fans were excited to hear this album. And me being a fan, I was as well.

My verdict on this album would be that it was good, not great. There are some obvious hits on this album like "the boy is mine", "yes, and?" and "we can't be friends (wait for your love)" which would be my top three songs from this album. Songs like "bye" and "don't wanna break up again" are also really good. This is one of my favorite albums so far this year, but I wouldn't say this is anything more than a good album that sometimes gets slightly redundant. It's still better than most music that comes out now.

Best Song: the boy is mine

Worst Song: i wish i hated you


Future & Metro Boomin - WE DON'T TRUST YOU

Metro Boomin and Future in the WE DON'T TRUST YOU trailer
via Matt Adam / Billboard

When Future and Metro Boomin announced they would be making music together again, I was anticipating this album and the subsequent album coming on April 12th. The expectation is far better than reality in this case. This album is average to below average. The beats are boring, Future is boring on this outside of a few songs. The features aren't packing a punch either other than Kendrick Lamar with his diss on J. Cole and Drake on the song "Like That", one of the better songs on the album.

That was the song everyone talked about when this album came out. In my opinion, that tells you all you need to know about this album that a feature is the most talked about topic of this album. There are some highlights but this album was a miss for me and I like Future's music. Hopefully, the album next week goes in a different direction or is just better, cause this wasn't it.

Best Song: Like That

Worst Song: Magic Don Juan (Princess Diana)


Tyla - TYLA

Tyla album cover
via Epic Records

One of the biggest rising stars in music is Tyla as her hit "Water" peaked in the top 10. With that single, she has put herself on the app and even won a Grammy, her first-ever award. Her debut album left me having mixed reviews, with some songs sounding great and others sounding redundant and just like the song before it.

Songs like "Water", "Truth or Dare" and "ART" are some of my favorite tracks on the project. But by the end of the album, it does get a little stale especially "To Last" and "Water (Remix)" with Travis Scott, which is an abomination to the original song. Overall, the album isn't bad and Tyla will grow as an artist and continue to get better.

Best Song: Water

Worst Song: To Last


Olivia Rodrigo - guts (spilled)

guts (spilled) cover
via Interscope Records

This is a deluxe album and it won't be on my year-end lists but this is a good five-track deluxe. All five tracks are good to great. Olivia is one of the biggest pop stars and this deluxe is just adding to an already great catalogue of songs. Sad to say this was my favorite project that dropped on March 22nd, when some heavy hitters dropped on the same day.

Best Song: so american and obsessed

Worst Song: None


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