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Rapid-Fire Reviews: Bryson Tiller, Doja Cat, Glorilla, Concrete Boys, Lil Mabu

This week saw some big names drop (J. Cole's Might Delete Later will have its official review). I'll be giving some quick thoughts on every album that I listened to this week. Let's get into it.

Bryson Tiller - Bryson Tiller

BrysonTiller stands on yellow platform

Bryson Tiller comes back with a new album, his first since 2021. I'm a fan of Bryson Tiller so I was intrigued by this release. It was above-average but not great. It runs like most typical R&B albums that run the same, especially at the end. "Persuasion", "Ciao!", and "CALYPSO" are great and show Bryson Tiller at his best. The slower songs on this sound redundant, especially with this long runtime. This album needed more features and not be as long. This was an okay album, but could've been better.

Best Song: Ciao!

Worst Song: Random Access Memory


Doja Cat - Scarlet 2 CLAUDE

Scarlet 2 CLAUDE cover
via RCA Records

Doja Cat dropped the deluxe of her album Scarlet, an album that I was not too high on. I went into the deluxe with an open mind but I came out of it the same way I did with the original album. The only song I would add to my library would be "ACKNOWLEDGE ME", other than that it's average songs that are just meh. I'm more of a Planet Her fan, the original and deluxe don't do anything for me.


Worst Song: MASC


Glorilla - Ehhthang Ehhthang

Ehhthang Ehhthang cover
via Interscope Records

I'll start with this. I like Glorilla's music, she has good hits and can really get in her bag on a song. A perfect example of this is the first song on this album "Yeah Glo!", one of the best songs of 2024. While listening to this album, one thing came to my mind: Glorilla isn't an album artist, she's more of a single artist. Glorilla should focus more on making hits than making projects. This album is meh with like three tracks that would make it into my library.

Best Song: Yeah Glo!

Worst Song: High AF


Concrete Boys - It's Us Vol. 1

It's Us Vol. 1 album cover
via Quality Control Music / HYBE

Lil Yachty is good. The rest of his Concrete crew is either very average or not good. When you combine that with Lil Yachty also sleepwalking through this album, you get whatever this collective album was. In other words, it sucked and may have two songs that would make it into my library. Those songs are "MY LIFE" and "M.O.B.", other than that it's a no from me. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

Best Songs: MY LIFE and M.O.B.

Worst Song: Every Other Song




I have always thought Lil Mabu wasn't good and cringed ever since I saw and heard "MATHEMATICAL DISRESPECT". This album didn't change my opinion of him. This album has some terrible songs and not any song that I would waste phone storage on. Some songs are ironically funny ('OPPY DAY"). If Lil Mabu's goal is to be a funny meme rapper, I guess he's well on the path to doing that. If he wants to be taken seriously, yikes.

Best Song: OPPY DAY (for the comedy)




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