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Rapid-Fire Reviews: Doja Cat's "Scarlet", Lil Tecca's "TEC"

In a rather slow week for music, I review two hip-hop artists and their new albums.

Doja Cat - Scarlet

Doja Cat photoshoot
via Greg Swales for Variety

Doja Cat has officially dropped her newest album, Scarlet, after plenty of controversy. The online spat with her fans and her look from this era. That's my biggest gripe with this album, Doja takes risks visually but there is absolutely no risk-taking when it comes to the music. There are some bangers littered through the tracklist, but I can't say this album is any better than average.

Best Songs: Paint the Town Red, Agora Hills

Worst Songs: Demons, Balut, Fuck The Girls (FTG), Wet Vagina


Lil Tecca - TEC

TEC album cover
via Galactic / Republic Records

Lil Tecca is one of the newer generation rappers who has been very consistent with the music he makes and how solid his fanbase is. That's half the problem with this album, there is no change up, and Tecca has no improvement from the last album to this album. This album is average and it isn't bad by any means. But why would I listen to this and not Virgo World or We Love You Tecca? Those albums do the same things and have the same formula but with better music. I like Tecca, but he could've done better.


Worst Song: Either Way


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