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Rapid-Fire Reviews: Drake, Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz

A new Friday and we have 3 releases from familiar names. So let's dive in and I'll give you my thoughts on them!

Drake - Scary Hours 3

Scary Hours 3 cover
via UMG

After his recent release For All The Dogs. It was met with criticism, mostly from the part of his fanbase that likes the more boom-bap rapping side of the multi-faceted artist. He came back on his newest installment of the Scary Hours collection giving them exactly what they wanted, and it's good. Drake shows that he can rap with the best of them and it ends this album era with a great send-off with these 6 new tracks, as you can find enjoyment in all of them. Drake delivered on this and he should let this album and EP sit with his fans for a while.

Best Song: You Broke My Heart

Worst Song: N/A


Tory Lanez - Alone at Prom (Deluxe)

As someone who loved the original Alone at Prom, this deluxe is disappointing. All the heart and oomph that the original had, is nowhere to be seen on this. While all the songs here aren't bad, they aren't good. The worst an album can be so average it turns into background music on first listen. I don't know if it is because Tory is in jail or what, but they should've kept this in the vault until he got out.

Best Song: Crystal Strawberry

Worst Song: Splash.Wave.Repeat (Interlude)


2 Chainz & Lil Wayne - Welcome 2 Collegrove

Just like the Meek Mill and Rick Ross project that dropped last week, this would've been better 5 to 10 years ago. Not to say that it's bad because it isn't but we didn't really need it and it's also not that good. It's average with some highs and some lows. My thoughts about this album are that it's very average and it's sad to say that because these are two legends that I hold in high regard and I know they are capable of more.

Best Song: Godzilla

Worst Song: Crazy Thick



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