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Rapid-Fire Reviews: Offset, Bad Bunny, Ken Carson, Westside Gunn

Another week of album reviews is here and this is our most stacked week yet. This is just my opinion and how I felt about it. Check them out for yourself!

SET IT OFF - Offset

Set It Off album cover
via Capitol Records

This album was so disappointing. I was looking forward to this album when it was announced. The two singles were great, especially "FAN". I went into this album with high expectations and left with a long, generic album that I can't stomach coming from Offset. There are some bangers but Set It Off leaves a lot to be desired.

Best Song: "FAN"

Worst Song: "FREAKY (feat. Cardi B)"


nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana - Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny on SNL
via Rosalind O’Connor / NBC

Admittedly, I'm just now getting into Bad Bunny's music so it's still a very new sound for me. I thought his newest album had good production and great flows but it starts to become too similar and is too long. It's decent, though.

Best Song: "MR. OCTOBER"

Worst Song: "BATICANO"


A Great Chaos - Ken Carson

I went into this album trying to see what the hype was about. I came out feeling that the hype wasn't warranted and that this album is generic, and is too similar to his Opium leader, Playboi Carti. If you want to listen to something like this, just turn on Carti's music.

Best Song: "i need u"

Worst Song: "Nightcore"


And Then You Pray For Me - Westside Gunn

This is the best album out of the four I'm reviewing this week. The rapping on this album was up to par with the production and the features also bring a lot of punch to the tracklist. You could've cut some tracks but otherwise, it's a good album.

Best Song: "Ultra GriZelda (feat. Denzel Curry)"

Worst Song: "Disgusting (feat. Giggs)"



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