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Rapid-Fire Reviews: "UTOPIA", "How Do You Sleep At Night?", "GUTS"

I have listened to some new albums and wanted to give y'all some quick thoughts about them. I will try to make this a weekly series whenever top releases are released.

UTOPIA - Travis Scott:

Travis Scott performing
via Mauricio Santana / Getty Images

I am very late to review this one. with the album coming out over a month ago. I will say it isn't because this album isn't good. This is my Album of the Year pick so far. Travis Scott made the 5-year wait worth it. Travis gives us some of the best production we have seen in his career. Travis delivers with UTOPIA.

Tracks like " THANK GOD", "MODERN JAM", "MY EYES" "MELTDOWN", "I KNOW?", "TOPIA TWINS" and "TELEKINESIS" are some of the best that Travis has put out. Travis continues to defy the expectations that everyone has set for him.

Best Track: "MY EYES"

Worst Track: "PARASAIL (feat. Yung Lean & Dave Chappelle)"


How Do You Sleep At Night? - Teezo Touchdown

Teezo Touchdown's album cover
via RCA

Teezo Touchdown's debut album had massive hype around it, with a feature on Tyler, The Creator's "RUNITUP" and Travis Scott's "MODERN JAM". We then saw Drake's post on Instagram calling his album "some of the best music ever". With this much hype, everyone was wondering if Teezo would be able to exceed or meet expectations. I believe he did.

The album has some heavy hitters to start off like "OK", "You Thought", "UUHH" and "Sweet". "Mood Swings", " Familiarity" and "Daddy Mama Drama" also help balance this album out. This is a great debut album that delivers on all the hype that it had. This album will have me checking out Teezo's career and where he goes from here.

Best Track: "Sweet (feat. Fousheé)"

Worst Track: "Too Easy (feat. Isaiah Rusk)"


GUTS - Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo album cover for GUTS
via Interscope / Geffen

With the immense success that was 2021's Sour, Rodrigo had a lot to live up to with her sophomore album Guts. A sophomore slump could've been in the cards, as it has happened to many artists before her. The two singles "vampire" and "bad idea right?" were good but they pale in comparison to her three Sour singles. I still had high hopes for this album though, and I would say my hopes were met.

Tracks like "get him back?", "making the bed", "love is embarrassing", and "pretty isn't pretty" show you that there is no sophomore slump in sight and that Rodrigo delivered a good sophomore album. It isn't better than SOUR but it doesn't have to be, it's good on its own.

Best Track: "get him back?"

Worst Track: "lacy"



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