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The 20 Best Songs of 2023

The end of 2023 is in a few days so I wanted my last article to be about the best tracks this year. This list is based on my personal preference and how popular the song is. Let's dive right in!

20. Lil Uzi Vert - Endless Fashion (feat. Nicki Minaj)

This song made the most noise off the Pink Tape (not including 2022's "Just Wanna Rock". "Endless Fashion" gives us some of that old Uzi with a good feature from Nicki.

19. Doja Cat - Paint The Town Red

This is one of the more popular songs of the year. Doja had a year full of turmoil surrounding her name but she made a hit with this one.

18. Luke Combs - Fast Car

During the country genre resurgence, this was one of the songs that charted top five. "Fast Car" samples Tracy Chapman's song of the same name. Combs adds his own flair to the song and it finds it on my top 20.

17. Toosii - Favorite Song

This is Toosii's highest charting song at #5, and for good reason. This puts all of the redeeming qualities of Toosii's music and puts them into one song.

16. Jack Harlow - Lovin On Me

This was a late entry for this list as it came out in November. It went #1 on the Hot 100 and will usher in a new era of Jack's music.

15. Jack Harlow - They Don't Love It

And now to look at Jack's most recent era. This was the most popular song on Jackman and for good reason.

14. Morgan Wallen - Last Night

This was the longest-running #1 hit this year and one of the most popular songs, if not the most popular. This is a good song and has put Morgan's name on the map.

13. Tyla - Water

Another song that bloomed late into the scene. "Water" became one of the more viral songs of the year. The verses are lackluster but the hook is amazing.

12. Morgan Wallen - Thinkin' Bout Me

Another one of Wallen's big hits in 2023 was an infectious hit. It wasn't as big of a hit as "Last Night" but I do prefer it over that song.

11. Teezo Touchdown - Sweet (feat. Fousheé)

Breakout star Teezo Touchdown released his debut album and on it was the song "Sweet". This song shows Teezo's infectious song-making ability. One of the best songs of 2023 for sure.

10. Olivia Rodrigo - vampire

The lead single off of Olivia's sophomore album is another scathing track against an ex and it hits just as hard the second time.

9. Travis Scott - MELTDOWN (feat. Drake)

It's not a new Travis Scott album without a Drake feature and this one delivered just like "SICKO MODE" did. One of the best songs off UTOPIA.

8. PinkPantheress & Ice Spice - Boy's a liar, Pt. 2

One of the earlier hits of the year was a fun hit that you would hear almost everywhere. Ice Spice ruled this year for female rap and this was her biggest mark.

7. Travis Scott - I KNOW?

The best song on UTOPIA finds itself at #7. This is one of Travis's best songs in the last few years and is a top seven song this year.

6. Drake - You Broke My Heart

The most popular song off Scary Hours 3 finds itself on this list. Drake sounds hungry on this and is just an infectious song all around.

5. Olivia Rodrigo - get him back!

"get him back!" is the best song off Olivia's sophomore album and it's not particularly close.

4. Lil Yachty - sAy sOMETHINg

The Lil Yachty resurgence was something to behold this year. This song was the best out of all his releases this year, in my opinion.

3. Gunna - fukumean

Gunna's comeback was a weird one. While being shunned from the rest of his peers after his release from prison, he released one of the better rap albums and one the best rap hits from this year with "fukumean".

2. Lil Durk - All My Life (feat. J. Cole)

Lil Durk tapped J. Cole for his biggest solo song to date and it's a great song to go along with that. The chorus with the verses from these two makes for a great song.

1. Drake - First Person Shooter (feat. J. Cole)

Two legends linking to make the best song of the year? This is what we got this year with this song. The video is great. J. Cole is great and so is Drake. You will be hearing this song a lot more as well thanks to their upcoming tour, starting next month.


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