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The 8 Best Albums of 2023

We are at the end of the year and it is time to look back and rank the top eight albums of this year. Let's dive right in.

8. a Gift & a Curse - Gunna

A Gift & A Curse Album Cover
via YSL Records

Gunna got out of prison, which came with hate and him being labeled a snitch. Gunna responded to this hate by dropping one of the biggest rap hits of the year with fukumean (which you'll see in the best songs list). A Gift & a Curse also has bangers like "back to the moon" and "bread & butter". I would say this album surprised me and is better than the Young Thug album that a week after.

7. Pink Tape - Lil Uzi Vert

Pink Tape cover
via Atlantic Records

Lil Uzi's return was highly anticipated after not dropping an album since 2020's Eternal Atake. The Pink Tape has some great songs on it, especially the run from "Endless Fashion" to "Fire Alarm". The biggest downfall of Pink Tape is that it is too long with its hour-and-a-half runtime, it tends to drag on and Uzi is not an artist for that long of an album. All in all, Uzi dropped another solid body of work.

6. Jackman - Jack Harlow

Jackman album cover
via Atlantic Records

Jack Harlow's latest album showed off a more introspective look at his music. Jackman is one of the six albums that I debated for the top spot. And even though it came out last, that doesn't mean I don't love this album. Songs like "Gang Gang Gang" and "Blame on Me" tackle real issues and speak on them while the album still has hits like "Is That Ight?" and "They Don't Love It". This is Jack Harlow's best project to date.

5. GUTS - Olivia Rodrigo

GUTS cover
via Interscope Records

Rodrigo's sophomore album came with a lot of hype after the major success that was SOUR. She responded with GUTS, which packs a lot of punch and was the best pop album to come out this year. GUTS has put Olivia further on track to be the next generation's big pop star.

4. How Do You Sleep At Night? - Teezo Touchdown

How Do You Sleep At Night? album cover
via RCA Records

This would be my Rookie Of The Year as he has been put on by Drake, Travis Scott, and Tyler, The Creator. He then dropped a magnificent album that shows off his variety and skill. This project feels like so many genres and different ideas all mixed into one album and it comes and works out great. This album has me waiting for what Teezo does next.

3. UTOPIA - Travis Scott

UTOPIA album cover
via Epic Records

It had been five years since ASTROWORLD and two years since the Astroworld festival tragedy. Travis has been hyping this album up for a while now and the anticipation was higher than any album I have seen in recent memory Travis, as he usually does, delivered. There are some average songs on the album but for the most part, this album is Album of the Year caliber.

2. Let's Start Here - Lil Yachty

Let's Start Here album cover
via QC

Who would've expected this? Yachty was unexpectedly one of the MVPs of music in 2023. Let's Start Here was a real switch-up for Yachty as it was more of a psychedelic album and not his usual genre. I will say though, it pays off well. This is one of the best-sounding albums and it was one of my favorite albums of the past few years. We all hope that Yachty stays on this trajectory.

1. For All The Dogs - Drake

For All The Dogs album cover
via UMG

This is my favorite Drake album since 2016's Views. It has some of the most energy Drake has had on an album in years and some of his best R&B tracks Drake has made like "Tried Our Best". That's not even getting to the Scary Hour Edition of this album which even added to my likeness of this album as it is just Drake rapping showing off his insane versatility. Drake came back with a point to prove with this album and it shows. It is my Album of the Year.


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