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This New AI Wave in Music Isn't Good

An AI song by Drake and The Weeknd surfaced on social media around a week ago. It turned major heads, and people were liking the song. Comes to find out it isn't a real song and both Drake's and The Weeknd's voices are both AI. We are seeing a full AI takeover and seeing people take advantage of artists' voices and trying to make a profit off of it. We need to put a stop or reel back on AI, especially in music.

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Since the New Year, AI has been taking over what we consume on some of the apps we use in our everyday life. You are able to find a TikTok that would be impersonating former president Barack Obama or current president Joe Biden. While those are made for comedic purposes, they can go too far, to the point where they can have people saying things that they wouldn't say normally. This song is taking it to a whole different level because if you show this to the casual music listener, they wouldn't know the difference.

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Universal Music Group, Drake's label has already taken legal action and the song has been taken off platforms for copyright. I believe that we will get to the point where the labels will start trademarking artists' voices (which also has its downsides) to make sure they can't be stolen or used for AI songs like these. I see this ending ugly for AI artists with the labels and the artists winning and taking control of their voices. There are so many ways to combat this that I feel could work. They could be able to get these AI creators on forgery or impersonation. There could also be laws put in place that could prohibit the use of using AI to impersonate someone. This new wave of AI is scary stuff and we should get ahead of it before it gets too crazy.

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Even though these AI songs and moments can contain funny moments like Drake covering 'Munch (Feelin' U)' or Drake and Kanye covering 'WAP', or the AI conversations that contain important political figures. It can also be used for slander and defamatory reasons if it falls into the wrong hands. I believe AI has a place in this world and it can work together smoothly but for something like this, it has gone too far.

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